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Since 1995, we have been working with only one objective, the tranquility of our clients.

Sailing is one of the best pleasures and is also very effective to eliminate stress. But it has to be accompanied by the professionalism and competence of those who take care of the boats, of the safety of using the elements and the original spare parts for each integrating component of a boat, of the best materials, of the best brands, in definitive of the quality.

With the sea you do not play. The boats should not fail, and that is only achieved with a thorough maintenance, from the navigation lights, safety equipment, to the engine or engines. Everything must work, our security is at stake, and that is always a priority.
Brands such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Volvo, Lombardini, etc. they have enough years of experience to provide us with safety in navigation and therefore they place confidence in our technicians, knowing that the work is always done with the highest quality standards.
Our facilities allow you to store the boats with all the guarantees, to find them the following year, if possible, better than they arrived.

All this to make the hobby of sailing a real pleasure, and away from any doubt or concern.
But apart from the maintenance of our clients’ boats, we must offer them full coverage at any time.
We have a permanent assistance service throughout the national territory, in record time. Not one of our clients is left helpless. At any time, by telephone, or with the immediate presence of our technicians, and in a simple and effective way, we solve any possible problems that may arise.

The purchase of a ZAR, should always be a reason for satisfaction, never a concern, for that reason, and for being perfect connoisseurs of its virtues, we always advise to try them in their natural habitat, the sea. The nautical salons and their carpets, resist any favorable comment, no matter how bad the boat is, but the sea puts everyone in their place. We always have almost all the models to perform the tests, both in summer and winter, with good weather, or much better, with bad weather. We never refuse to go out to sea in bad weather to try one of our ZAR, very few can say the same.
From the moment in which the purchase of a ZAR is decided, all the team that forms ZAR Spain, turns in that the only thing that the client has to think is on the day of the premiere, which always becomes distant. You should not have another concern, neither bureaucratic nor technical. We always deliver the ZARs in their base ports with everything the client has asked us for, registered, insured, but not only we deliver it, we are with him all the time necessary so that before leaving him alone with his new and brand new ZAR, know all the elements that integrate it, how they work and we carry out the sea tests that you consider necessary, until you are sure that you handle everything with safety and tranquility, the rest is put by the client, starting, navigating and enjoying, possibly, the best semi-rigid market.

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