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ZAR Formenti RIBs

Designing a semi-rigid, the most versatile boat ever invented, is, today, above all, the search for a new balance
A difficult but stimulating task for the designer is to balance the infinite variables, rethink, compare, design and experiment. Not only the semi-rigid design is designed, but also the way to live and build it, surrounded by a mixture of high technology and fine craftsmanship, brilliant ideas and rigorous technique. The ZAR were born of this philosophy. With an unmistakable and unmistakably familiar style. Each of them is the result of an independent project, of a different balance between all the components to obtain the most efficient product of its market segment. Champions in habitability and versatility, the ZARs are at the top for their navigability, comfort and constructive quality.
At the controls of a ZAR you experience the subtle pleasure of owning an authentic avant-garde piece.

One feels the pleasure of always being ahead.







With the sea you do not play. The boats should not fail, and that is only achieved with a thorough maintenance, from the navigation lights, safety equipment, to the engine or engines. Everything must work, our security is at stake, and that is always a priority.

Brands such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Volvo, Lombardini, etc. they have enough years of experience to provide us with safety in navigation and therefore they place confidence in our technicians, knowing that the work is always done with the highest quality standards.

New semi-rigid boats for any circumstance

ZAR Spain designs and builds a wide range of new semi-rigid boats that adapt to any need or requirement, because experience has taught us that every customer is a world. Whether you are looking for your first inflatable boat, or if you are an experienced sailor there is a ZAR for you.

The new semi-rigid boats are those chosen by the coast guard and maritime rescue services. This is due to their exceptional behavior in the most extreme circumstances. The V-shaped design of the fiberglass hulls and the robustness of the ZAR semi-rigid boats make their behavior excellent regardless of the state of the sea.

The ZAR fiber hull is designed for the bow to cut the waves with the least possible impact, while the back of the float gives the whole an excellent stability providing comfort to navigation. The result is a semi-rigid boat with impressive performance.